October 8th, 2013

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Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights

Storm Chaser sequel coming in 2014!

Whiskey Creek Press will be publishing the sequel to Storm Chaser!

The Notorious Ian Grant, which should come out next fall, takes place just after the events of Storm Chaser. Although there are general spoilers referencing the end of the first book, I took care to write the second in such a way that you don’t really have to read Storm Chaser in order to enjoy it – although I’d prefer you did.

While Storm Chaser is a romantic comedy, The Notorious Ian Grant is more of a humorous novel with a romance in it –more laugh out loud funny, I hope. The main characters are police detective Fran Vargas, who you’ve met before, and Ian Grant. (Most Storm Chaser characters put in an appearance, including a certain blonde teenager who proved a fan favorite in the first book.)  Ian is mentioned, very briefly and not by name, in Storm Chaser, and has a similarly brief appearance in one of the stories of Storm Chaser Shorts.

What’s it all about, you say?

           When infamous party boy and b-list celebrity Ian Grant learns his sister is marrying a cop, he abandons his Hollywood lifestyle and drives straight to Indiana. His plan: to make up for all those times he embarrassed and humiliated his family … by taking charge of the wedding planning. So, Ian’s never planned a wedding – how hard could it be?

           The little town of Hurricane, Indiana, is like another world—a world Ian wouldn’t mind being part of, if only people would stop judging him by his previous antics. He might even have a chance at romance with his future brother-in-law’s coworker, detective Fran Vargas. But for Fran everything’s gone wrong since Ian arrived, including the loss of her home, their confrontation with a bullying politician, and an influx of nosy reporters and angry ex-girlfriends.

There’s also the fact that Ian’s wedding planning keeps getting interrupted by someone trying to kill him.

No one ever said redemption is easy.

            If Ian seems familiar, you may have caught a short story I wrote that takes place just before The Notorious Ian Grant, at a low moment in his life: