September 17th, 2013

Hm ... Doctor Who

Bad Advice For Good Writers

Today, believe it or not, I'm sponsored by an online grammar checker that I tried out and was very impressed with ... after all, one good writing rule is that you have to know the rules before you break them. So I use Grammarly for proofreading because somebody has to know what they're doing -- and judging from the mistakes they turned up, it's sure as heck not me.


           I’ve been invited to be the guest of honor at a writer’s group. In their defense, they don’t know me all that well.

           On October 16th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Peabody Public Library in Columbia City, I have to pretend that (from a writing career standpoint) I know what I’m doing. It’s daunting, to be asked to lie that much.

           Oh, I know what I’m doing from the standpoint of actually writing … forty years of experience will do that. It’s the career part. Have you ever seen one of those movies were some idiot bumbles his way through a series of misadventures, and in the end beats the bad guys and wins the girl by complete accident? That’s how my career developed.


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