August 15th, 2013

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Straight Talk on Gay Marriage





            The other day I was telling someone the issue of gay marriage had become too politicized, which is true. However, all issues have become too politicized, including politics.


            I used to be against gay marriage, for one simple reason: Haven’t gays been punished enough?


            I also used to have a little photo of a white-clad bride, with the caption, “Why do I have to get married? I didn’t do anything wrong!”


            You gay people out there, you know who you are: What are you thinking? You have a readymade excuse to avoid marriage: It’s illegal! Commitment phobia? No problem: “Oh, sorry, dear – my idea of expanding my dating pool never included meeting everyone in cellblock B.”


            But I no longer make such anti-marriage jokes, because … well, because now I’m married.


            On the other hand, I’m a humor columnist, and it’s my job to make fun of stuff, and things.


            On the third hand, I’ve looked into both sides and I understand their arguments, and their feelings on the issue. Can I make fun of people, even when I find their arguments persuasive and understandable?




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