January 2nd, 2013

book cover humor

Year in Review: 2006


The first of the year is a great time for making predictions, mostly
because so many other people are making predictions that no one will
remember how wrong you were.

  I’m writing this on 12/12/12, which I
figure will give me some kind of magical ability to see the future.
Unless the world ends on December 21st, in which case this will be
wasted effort … didn’t see that coming. (Note: The world was still there on December 22nd. Of course, if it hadn’t been you wouldn’t be reading this, huh?)

I could make those very general, obvious predictions that many a prognosticator happily claim to be right about. In 2013:

  A politician will say something stupid.

  A Hollywood starlet will be caught in a short skirt, climbing out of a low car seat, with a marked lack of undergarments.

  A natural disaster will make the news.

  A major sports figure will Tweet something controversial.

  I’ll get hurt while doing a home improvement project.

  See? Easy stuff.

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