December 13th, 2012

winter hatred

Best Winter Car Tip: Move South


            There’s one thing more suspicious than a list of suggestions from the internet, and that’s a list of suggestions punctuated by exclamation points. For some reason, it makes me think of snake oil salesmen, explaining why you have to buy their stuff “right now!”

            “I’ll only be here for one day! This miracle liquid, imported from the mysterious Indian continent, cures scurvy, boils, and black lung, and can also be used to wax your wagon and kill weeds!”

            Still, when someone makes suggestions for how to survive winter, I’m listening.

            Everybody knows how I feel about winter. If I won the lottery, I’d immediately buy a winter home in Hawaii. If the payout wasn’t enough for two homes, I’d move to a place where it never snows. If I won a small lottery, I’d at least crank up the heat and hire someone else to do anything involving going outside. Those would be my first priorities.

            Maybe I should buy a ticket, someday.           

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