December 5th, 2012

courthouse 1

Making a Splash With The Lions


            Generally I don’t like people putting signs on my property, ever since that whole debacle with the charity group that wanted to give away Halloween treats from my garage. It turns out having a big sign that said “Kids! Get Free Candy Here!” didn’t go over well with the neighborhood. Maybe they should have hired a PR guy.

            But it’s a good location for signs, because I’m on Orange Street, one of two main streets in Albion. Whenever non-residents pass by they go on the alert, looking around for oranges. Silly people. But that’s a great opportunity to advertise whatever’s legal to advertise there, which unfortunately for me is mostly people running for election and not-for-profit organizations.

            In other words, people who aren’t going to reward me for having to mow around the things. By the way, I thought you were going to bring me into your organization, Ross Perot. Call me.

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