October 11th, 2012


Fire Prevention: A Light Look at a Serious Subject

Before I get on to my weekly column, don’t forget that we have less than 24 hours of voting left to go in the So You Think You Can Write contest:

It’s getting tense!


This article first appeared in the Albion New Era during 2009’s Fire Prevention Week.


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Or a kitten ...

Way less than a day left in the 2012 So You Think You Can Write contest, and since I’m off to sleep now I’m dependent on the rest of you to spread the word. So, if I get the top prize this year, everyone who can prove they voted for me will get a puppy!*




But seriously, there are a lot of great entries this year. So, if your conscience tells you to cast your daily vote for someone more deserving … ruthlessly beat it into submission.



*offer void where prohibited and where not prohibited.