October 10th, 2012

book cover humor

running out of things to say?

Me, a writer, running out of things to say? Well, now we're in to the second to last day of voting for the So You Think You Can Write contest, and there are 700 deserving novelists who are very anxious to get that first prize -- a publishing contract.

I've described the contest and my novel, put up several miniblogs about ​the process of writing, blew my own horn, and begged. So ... questions? Comments?

(Oh, don't think I won't be back tomorrow!)
book cover humor

The Coming Attractions Blogs

Recently I posted five interrelated blogs about the creation of my novel Coming Attractions, which is (as I’m sure you know by now), my entry in the So You Think You Can Write contest here:



In case you’re interested in the process and may have missed one or more, here they are in order:











Main Characters:



Supporting Characters:



Hope you enjoyed them … I’m sure I’ll write in more detail on those subjects in the future.