August 2nd, 2012

Xander as Clark Gable

Abraham Lincoln: Action Hero?

​(Note: I have seen ​The Dark Knight Rises​ now, and it's the second best flick I've watched this year.)


            By the time you read this, the superhero movies of earlier in the summer will have been supplanted by the latest one, The Dark Knight Rises, which is of course about Syrian President Bashar Assad.

            Kidding! No, it’s about Batman, I think. Apparently they ran out of ways to title a movie after Batman: There’s already been Batman, Batman Returns, Batman and Robin, Batman Begins (which, confusingly, began after Batman returned), Batman and Alfred, Batman Joins the AARP

            Alfred. Talk about a thankless job. “I’ve cleaned your cape, sir … would you like me to escort the young lady out?”           

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