June 22nd, 2012

book cover humor

An interview with the Hamlin family from Storm Chaser and Storm Chaser Shorts


I know what you're thinking: "Mark, when are you going to start a blog tour to celebrate the release of your short story collection, ​Storm Chaser Shorts​?" Of course you were thinking that.

Okay, how about ... let me check my watch ... right ​now.

Let's start over at the blog of Emily Hunter, my webmaster/editor, also known as my wife/fiancee (long story!). Emily sent over a list of interview questions, intending to interview my male protagonist, Chance Hamlin. Chance starts out in ​Storm Chaser​ by almost getting killed in a tornado, then arrests someone on false charges (hey, he was stressed). In ​Storm Chaser Shorts things don't start out much better for him, when he gets a lesson in complacency during ​A Little Routine.

Unfortunately for Chance, who tends to clam up during interviews, his mother and sister decide to tag along on the questions. The interview can be found here:


I'm hard at work on other pieces, and will let you know when they're posted by the various bloggers who's agreed to have me. If you're interested in hosting me for a guest blog or interview and we haven't talked yet, just shoot me an e-mail at markrichardhunter@gmail.com, or contact me here at the website, and let's get together. Hope you like it!