June 12th, 2012

book cover humor

update ... and publishing announcement


 They kept my grandmother in the hospital for another day — “observation” — but she seems to be doing much better, is alert and sassing the nurses. Whatever that tremor was, it went away at about the same time they took her off the oxygen yesterday morning. Her fever’s gone, and if all goes well she’ll be home later today.

 In all the fuss, I missed my opportunity to make a different fuss about Storm Chaser Shorts showing up on Amazon.com, which it did at some point yesterday while my mind was elsewhere. It’s now available for $2.99 there and at the Whiskey Creek Press site, and I assume it’ll be on Barnes & Noble’s website fairly soon. (Sadly, it’s not available in print.)

 I’ll do an official announcement and give more details later … for those who don’t know, it’s a collection of ten short stories featuring characters from Storm Chaser: seven set before the events of the novel, and three after. (But I tried to write them in such a way that you don’t have to have read Storm Chaser first.) WCP has marked it as romantic comedy, but the stories range from humor to drama to action/adventure, and one’s a bit on the mystical side (you Oz book fans will be interested in that one). There’s a little something for everyone.

 Now, I’m thinking, for those of you already planning to buy it: Amazon.com party, to give us a fun spike in the rankings? It probably won’t mean much in the scheme of things, but it would be exciting to see a high number. What do you think about maybe Wednesday, 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, or so? Too soon? (Or too late?)

That’s not to say anyone can’t order it before or after, of course; I’ll be thankful for any sales I get, and I hope someone who hasn’t read Storm Chaser will take a chance on the shorter work, then go over to the novel!