February 20th, 2012

USA flag

Happy Chief Executive Day!

So, has everyone got their President’s Day decorations up? We have our President’s tree, with a little ornament of each President’s bust (their heads – get your mind out of the gutter. Well, except for Clinton’s). We’re dressing up as our favorite Presidents (I’m Benjamin Harrison, Emily’s Franklin Pierce), and of course we’re going to wait at the door and, when children come in their costumes (we usually get a lot of Lincolns), we’ll put little copies of the Constitution in their moneybags.

Then we’ll have our big President’s Day dinner, which consists, of course, of turkey and ham.

Storm Chaser

Finishing a novel is a marathon, not a sprint

I’m 36,000 words into the Storm Chaser sequel, and maybe ¾ of the way into the story. It’s a little sketchy at the moment: I need to add more description, internal thoughts and other things, which means at this point I’ll probably be close to 50,000 words in the second draft. Right now I’m enjoying the characters and blazing through the plot.

Meanwhile, time’s running out! For the rest of February, the e-book version of Storm Chaser is half off at my publisher's website:


It’s been a bad month for getting much writing done, but I’m plugging away at it.