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January 17th, 2012

A local columnist is one of forty humor writers featured in My Funny Valentine, the perfect antidote to the problem of both wintertime blues and finding a perfect and unique Valentine’s Day gift.

 Mark R. Hunter’s column “Valentine Fail, or: Where to Sleep When You Don’t Own a Doghouse”, originally appeared in The Albion New Era, Churubusco News, and Northwest News last year, and is reprinted in My Funny Valentine along with pieces by columnists, bloggers, and cartoonists from all over. The book makes a great Valentine’s gift: It doesn’t go bad in a week like flowers, has no calories like candy, and at $9.95 (plus tax) is way less expensive than jewelry – and will probably be more appreciated than lingerie. Plus, a little humor goes a long way in the dark, cold months of winter.

 My Funny Valentine is available as a print book at Hunter’s website, www.MarkRHunter.com,  and in print or e-book at the publisher’s website, http://myfunnybooks.biz/

 Hunter will also have copies available at a book signing January 30th, from 3:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. at the Noble County Public Library main branch, 813 E. Main Street in Albion. Anyone who buys both it and Hunter’s novel, Storm Chaser, will get the second book at two dollars off.

 Print copies are also available at the Albion New Era office, on South Orange Street in Albion.

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