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November 17th, 2011


I’ve been working on a press release for my second book signing, and it made me think about wind instruments.
You see, I was brought up to think bragging is bad, and modesty is good. Not false modesty: The real kind, where you don’t blow your own horn and you’re embarrassed when someone else does. It’s not a concept understood in Washington or Hollywood, and it seems to be going out of vogue pretty much everywhere else.
Here I am, continually getting into situations where I have to blow that horn, or at least a kazoo. In July I held a signing for my first novel, Storm Chaser, and sold 15 copies (which is good for a book signing, especially for a first time novelist). Overall I’ve signed over 100 copies, sending some to other states and a few to other countries. Awhile back I signed a copy of the Albion New Era next to my column, as a surprise for a fan in another state.
A fan. Can you believe that? I have fans. At least one.
So now I’m getting ready for a new book signing, On December 3rd at the Brick Ark Inn here in Albion. Not only that, but there’ll be another signing on December 9th at Freedom Acres near Cromwell ( https://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=freedom%20acres&init=quick&tas=0.04937849009249162#!/pages/Freedom-Acres/191818937563511?sk=wall) and still another in late January, at the Noble County Public Library. I don’t expect to sell as many copies as the first time – all my relatives who read have already bought a copy – but it’s nice to get out and meet readers, and it’s nice to support local establishments.
But I’m not supposed to be nice. I’m supposed to be bragging.
I can brag about being modest (there’s a contradiction for you), but I keep getting myself into situations where I have to sell – myself. Writing, running for office, proposing to my fiancée … all involve asking people to affirm I’m a guy worth having around. Most recently the answer from the voters was no and from my fiancée yes, which I much prefer to the other way around.Collapse )

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