November 17th, 2011

book cover humor

column: Honk if You're Blowing Your Own Horn


I’ve been working on a press release for my second book signing, and it made me think about wind instruments.
You see, I was brought up to think bragging is bad, and modesty is good. Not false modesty: The real kind, where you don’t blow your own horn and you’re embarrassed when someone else does. It’s not a concept understood in Washington or Hollywood, and it seems to be going out of vogue pretty much everywhere else.
Here I am, continually getting into situations where I have to blow that horn, or at least a kazoo. In July I held a signing for my first novel, Storm Chaser, and sold 15 copies (which is good for a book signing, especially for a first time novelist). Overall I’ve signed over 100 copies, sending some to other states and a few to other countries. Awhile back I signed a copy of the Albion New Era next to my column, as a surprise for a fan in another state.
A fan. Can you believe that? I have fans. At least one.
So now I’m getting ready for a new book signing, On December 3rd at the Brick Ark Inn here in Albion. Not only that, but there’ll be another signing on December 9th at Freedom Acres near Cromwell (!/pages/Freedom-Acres/191818937563511?sk=wall) and still another in late January, at the Noble County Public Library. I don’t expect to sell as many copies as the first time – all my relatives who read have already bought a copy – but it’s nice to get out and meet readers, and it’s nice to support local establishments.
But I’m not supposed to be nice. I’m supposed to be bragging.
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