November 14th, 2011

book cover humor

a few photos from Charis' wedding

I was too busy most of the time to take a lot of photos at Charis' and Vince's wedding, but here are a few snapshots Emily and I took along the way:

This is just me and Emily at the reception. I wonder if the twins thought I was Mr. Conductor? Usually my dress uniform is a bit fancier than this; my badge and other "hardware" turned up missing, and it wasn't until we were on the way over that I realized they were on my less formal class "B" uniform. Who'd have thought a spare badge would come in handy?

The first dance ...
Emily took this one, and had a lot of trouble in the low light getting something from a distance. Right after this my grandson Brayden ran up and started screaming at us, apparently unhappy that Mom wasn't giving him enough attention, so the rest of the dance involved three dancers.

The DJ is a professional air personality who goes by Chris Cage ... but he's also my brother-in-law, which makes these three helpers my nieces and nephews. They lost their home to fire a few months ago, but it's being rebuilt and everyone's doing fine. Christian (on the right) is wearing a shirt that came all the way from England, courtesy my good LJ friend[personal profile] gillo.

Family! That's Emily with my brother, mother, and step-father, and standing in the background is my chocolate brother Martin. Hey, that's what we call him. My grandmother is in the back table, to the right.

The Groom's family! Emily and I were a bit occupied when the photo of the bride's family was taken.

Weatherman Spike

storm warning

"The Planets", by Holtz, playing on Pandora right now. Extremely appropriate music: We're under a tornado watch and thunderstorm warning. For those in the area, rotation's being tracked in northern Whitley County. (Yes, the same place where the tornado appears in the opening scene of Storm Chaser.)  The storms are moving northeast; the line itself is tracking south, which means the next incoming storms are headed straight toward where I am in northern Allen County. I'm watching from the fourth floor of the library at Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, but will soon be headed toward a lower location.

Lafayette is under a tornado warning; lighting, wind and heavy rain just started here. Emily's in class -- we're both in very sturdy buildings. This is it -- unplugging the computer, now. I'll check back in later.