November 11th, 2011

winter hatred


Measurable snow tonight, sticking to the grass, and even in some places on the pavement; we've already had a few slush related accidents. It's hardly a record, and nowhere near as bad as the conditions earlier this week just west and north of Indiana (not to mention the snowstorm out east). Still ... DISLIKE.

On the brighter side, my daughter's getting married in less than two days!
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I suppose this isn’t of great interest to anyone who doesn’t live in northeast Indiana … although I’ll give a copy of the Storm Chaser short story to anyone who buys Storm Chaser between now and the end of the year. The Facebook event page for my next book signing is here:!/event.php?eid=259287170786932

The Brick Ark Inn will host a local author book signing, including a giveaway of an original short story, as part of its Christmas Open House on Saturday, December 3rd.
Just in time for Christmas gift giving, Mark R. Hunter will be signing his novel Storm Chaser from 1:30 p.m. until 6 p.m. at the Inn, at 215 N Orange Street in Albion. The Inn’s open house is part of the Albion Chamber of Commerce Christmas House Walk, and will go on all day, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

As a holiday themed gift for anyone who comes to the open house, Mark will give away an original short story featuring some of the characters from Storm Chaser. The story’s set in Albion and takes place before the events of the novel, so nothing’s given away for those who haven’t read it; everyone who comes is welcome to a copy, as is anyone who previously bought the book. Mark will sign copies of Storm Chaser, whether they’re bought at the open house or were purchased previously.
Also at the Inn will be Carol Bender, author of the children’s book Doctor’s Little Stowaway and her new release, In Quest of Gold, and Doctor’s Little Stowaway illustrator Darlene Bender. Signed copies of Michael McCoy’s wartime history Everytown: USA will also be available. Refreshments will be served at the Inn, one block north of the Noble County Courthouse, for everyone who wants to take a tour, do some Christmas shopping, and support local authors.

Storm Chaser, a romantic comedy involving an Indiana State Police officer and a disaster photographer, is set in northeast Indiana. You can learn more about the novel at the author’s webpage: or at the website of the publisher, Whiskey Creek Press:

For more information on Christmas activities at the Brick Ark inn, contact Tammy Luce at 636-6181, or visit More information on Albion’s Christmas activities can be found at .

More on Storm Chaser, by Mark R. Hunter:

The black funnel of an approaching tornado makes all other troubles seem small. But when Indiana State Trooper Chance Hamlin “rescues” Allie Craine from a twister, his troubles are just beginning—Allie, a disaster photographer, rescues him when he drives into the storm’s path.
Chance doesn’t like being rescued, he doesn’t like photographers, and he definitely doesn’t like being stuck with Allie when she wants to stay in calm, peaceful Indiana. Too bad his family, friends, and even the other members of Chance’s volunteer fire department think she’s great. Suspicious of Allie’s motives, he decides to drive her away out of sheer boredom—but that’s not so easy when someone begins causing fires and other catastrophes around the area. That someone might be Allie, who has plans of her own...