November 7th, 2011

You are what you eat

column: A Modest Proposal

I got so busy with everybody being sick, getting my furnace back up and running, and my daughter's upcoming wedding, that I forgot to post my column for last week here. Probably for the best, since it covers some political ground -- just ignore it. If you do read it, you'll know the title it is a shout-out to Jonathan Swift.

On a more cheerful note, Charis is getting married this coming Saturday! You should see the twins in their little three year old tuxes. I mean, the twins are three, not the tuxes. I, on the other hand, tried on my dress uniform for the first time in a year -- and will be eating nothing for the next five days.  Meanwhile, I might be a bit sparse online for the next week ...


I’ve paid more attention to the Occupy Wall Street crowd since they were endorsed by the American Nazi Party, the Communist Party of America, and Iranian university students. Anyone who thinks protestors can’t accomplish much should remember that in other countries all three of those groups started out with protests, and all three accomplished great things.
I mean “great” as in big, world changing things, mind you, not great as in “wow – chocolate ice cream!”
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