November 4th, 2011

This IS my happy face Angel Puppet

Bad Night in Mark Town

Feeling a bit better now, which means I can't have what knocked Emily down for the last week. Vinny (Charis' fiance) came over and installed a new vent system for our furnace yesterday (heat, yay!).  I wonder now if all the dust from his drilling and sawing and such didn't turn my little head cold into a full-blown dust allergy attack. Breathing in dust can clobber me like getting hit by a truck.

On an unrelated note, I also got to experience the wonder of back muscle spasms last night, possible a long-term result of pulling a ceiling at the house fire Sunday. I've lived with chronic back pain for over 25 years (also as a result of a fire), but that's skeletal; this was something *very* special.

 Wasn't a good night.