September 19th, 2011

Storm Chaser

"Storm Damage" to introduce Allie's brother

While Beth Hamlin seems to be the most popular secondary character from Storm Chaser, I have a plot bunny that just won't leave me alone, involving another secondary character: Fran, the State Police Detective who befriends Allie and will appear in two of the stories in Storm Chaser Shorts. After some thought, I've decided the sequel (working title: Storm Damage) will feature Fran, although Beth will also be there as a supporting character. If my idea works out and the sequel is popular, the second book will lead into a third book that Beth would headline.

The short story I've been working on introduces a new character, who will become an important part of Storm Damage: Allie Craine's brother, who's mentioned only briefly in the original story. Here's what Allie has to say about him, when she interrupts an argument between two other people:

"Oh, bull. First of all, my brother’s an ingrate who wrote that book because he can’t hold down a job, or keep his mouth shut. Second, if you two cared, you wouldn’t be leaning over my bed spitting on me."

Well, we'll just have to see if he's an ingrate, won't we? The story will be coming soon to my Facebook fan page.

As for Fran, recently I was reviewing Storm Chaser Shorts, when I realized that in one of the stories her name is Fran Vargas, and in another it's Fran Mendoza.  Oops ... I guess her name now is Fran Vargas-Mendoza. Just goes to show, you can't polish too much, or have two many other eyes to look over your work. Guess I'll go over that short story a bit more.

Yes, the Storm Chaser Shorts manuscript has already been turned in to my publisher. *sigh*