August 20th, 2011


Author Survives Slasher Attack by Fan

Things are coming along for my sister and her family, who spent yesterday going through the debris of their home and trying to find salvageable items. Apparently a restoration company has managed to repair some photos and a family Bible, and it's possible some of their other belongings might have survived, althouigh they'd be badly smoked up. Never underestimate the damaging power of heavy soot.

Thanks to everyone who showed concern, sent good wishes, and donated items and even money as Penny, Chris, and the kids struggle to put their lives back on track. Meanwhile deadlines go on, so here's the story (written before the fire) of my recent encounter with a deranged fan.

 Okay, so I can type again … not as fast as usual, but I’ve regained the use of my right hand.
Why, yes, there is a story behind this.
But what story? I’ve been practicing various tales that might make me seem less … well … foolish.
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