August 12th, 2011

Congress offended

Washington Announces New Spending Plan: Spend More

I don't particularly care what anyone's politics are on the matter of the US federal budget; the numbers speak for themselves. If there's one thing we all should be able to agree on, it's that spending twice what you take in simply isn't sustainable. The only thing I'll say about raising taxes (other than that loopholes must be closed), is that you don't cure a drinking problem by buying more booze.


I was thinking about writing a funny column on the budget debate in Washington, D.C. (The letters stand for Dollar Collectors.)

But it’s just not funny.

There was a time when I was what you might call fiscally loose. My thinking was that I could spend the money now and put it on credit, and when I started making more money further down the road I could pay my bills off.

Then I went broke.

Now I’m a fiscal conservative: Don’t spend money you don’t have unless absolutely necessary, and in that case come up with a plan to pay it off as quickly as possible. Later this month I’m going to try to refinance my home loan as part of an effort to replace my roof; if it works out the way I plan, I’ll be able to pay off the loan earlier than I would have without financing. It’ll be hard, but not as embarrassing as knocking on the neighbor’s door to borrow buckets every time it rains.

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