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August 3rd, 2011

Writer's Block: Music of my heart

What’s that one song that always reminds you of the one that got away?

I'm Gonna Miss Her

By Brad Paisley

(Think about it ... unless you've never heard of the song, in which case look it up.)

up to #5

According to the Whiskey Creek Press newsletter, Storm Chaser is now the #5 bestseller of all WCP titles.

This, of course, makes me do the Snoopy Dance.

Considering I'm going to be preoccupied over the next several days getting estimates on a roof replacement, filling out paperwork and applying to refinance my home loan, finishing the chimney demolition, and sorting through thousands of photos for the fire department history project, I needed that good news to pull me through. Thanks to evereyone who's bought my novel, and a special thanks to those who also read it! Spread the word around, please; since Storm Chaser isn't available in "brick and mortar" bookstores, I need all the word of mouth I can get.

column: Replacing NASA's Space Pickup


It doesn’t get brought up a lot in polite conversation, but many pundits considered the space shuttle a piece of crap.
A very cool piece of crap, but still.
It was designed by committee to be a fully reusable spaceship, but it finally emerged only partially reusable, took a tremendous amount of servicing between missions, and was more expensive to use than the one-shot spacecraft it replaced. The ship’s 33,000 fragile heat tiles had to be applied, by hand, individually.
Oh, don’t get me wrong; we could have done better. Still, despite the limitations and costs, the space shuttle program overall was a success, especially after how fouled up it was at the start. The TV show Mythbusters once demonstrated that – ahem – poop can be polished, and I mean that literally. They needn’t have bothered: The people of NASA proved it figuratively, by taking an embarrassing boondoggle and producing real benefitsCollapse )

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