August 3rd, 2011

book cover humor

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According to the Whiskey Creek Press newsletter, Storm Chaser is now the #5 bestseller of all WCP titles.

This, of course, makes me do the Snoopy Dance.

Considering I'm going to be preoccupied over the next several days getting estimates on a roof replacement, filling out paperwork and applying to refinance my home loan, finishing the chimney demolition, and sorting through thousands of photos for the fire department history project, I needed that good news to pull me through. Thanks to evereyone who's bought my novel, and a special thanks to those who also read it! Spread the word around, please; since Storm Chaser isn't available in "brick and mortar" bookstores, I need all the word of mouth I can get.
book cover humor

column: Replacing NASA's Space Pickup


It doesn’t get brought up a lot in polite conversation, but many pundits considered the space shuttle a piece of crap.
A very cool piece of crap, but still.
It was designed by committee to be a fully reusable spaceship, but it finally emerged only partially reusable, took a tremendous amount of servicing between missions, and was more expensive to use than the one-shot spacecraft it replaced. The ship’s 33,000 fragile heat tiles had to be applied, by hand, individually.
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