July 19th, 2011


In praise of antibiotic ointment

While I'm making slow progress on taking down my chimney, at least so far it's been just a Band-Aid/ibuprofen job. I was using just a large hammer and chisels in an attempt to be more controlled, what with beiing thirty feet in the air and all, which was too slow but still worked -- until the chimney liner started cracking at its first seam. Getting the top three feet of chimney liner down in one piece was an adventure, but I didn't want shattered ceramic shards all over the lawn ... I could describe what I did, but you'd all just lecture me. In any case, that's been the most dangerous part so far.

 However, I just brought home a sledgehammer, so that could change.
book cover humor

I'm number 9! I'm number 9!

Storm Chaser is in the top 10 on Whiskey Creek Press's list of releases!   http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/store/

I assume that's partially because I recently ordered 15 more print copies; I've autographed and sold 60 myself, in the month and a half since it was released. Still, while I don't know the average sales figures for WCP titles, and I don't know the accuracy of the Amazon numbers I've dug up, it's reason for hope that I'm doing okay.

So .... sequel?  I'm on the edge, here ...

Meanwhile, if you haven't checked out Storm Chaser, you can order it through the publisher, for Kindle on Amazon.com, or directly from me, all through my website:


Emily has also posted links to some reviews there.