July 9th, 2011

book cover humor

column: Will Summer Chimney Demolition Lead to Fall?

I've been on vacation for the last couple of weeks, thus my inability to check up on my friends lists as I usually try to do. It's been a working vacation, almost entirely taken up by selling, promoting, and distributing Storm Chaser ... which needs to do well as a first novel if I want to move on to bigger things. I'm happy to say it's gotten four five-star reviews at Amazon.com, and I've signed something like 55 print copies so far.

Now I'm going to disappear from the internet even more, almost entirely for the next week. My vacation is almost over, and Emily and I need some real R&R time before I got back to work and she starts preparing for college. Naturally I'll check my e-mails every day, unless we get a chance to make some day trips, but otherwise I'll be back sometime just after my birthday on the 14th. I hope to get a few non-writing/internet chores done in addition to going out for some fun. And then there's that pesky chimney that needs to be dealt with ...





            I expect this will be the last column of mine you ever read.

            (Which reminds me – I need to fill out a will.)         

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