June 30th, 2011


1st book signing, 1st aid, and other firsts

The Storm Chaser Book signing is still on during the First Friday events on Albion's Courthouse square tomorrow, 5-9 p.m. Looks like the weather will be better than first predicted: 85 degrees and cloudy. And my next shipment of books is here! I have plans for other book signings later, but this is the only one that includes Albionopoly, lemon shake-ups, and a farmer's market.

I've been researching book signings, and I've never heard of anyone doing one outside before (although I'm sure someone has, somewhere). I'm nervous enough, without being a pioneer.

In unrelated news, I spent half an hour tonight doing first aid; don't let anyone ever tell you taking a walk can't be hazardous. Emily took a spill while we were walking across town to the fire station. I'd put my protective clothing in the firehouse washer after our two recent structure fires, and we were headed back to hang it up to dry when she hit an uneven spot and did what I can only describe as "sliding into home base", half on asphalt and half on gravel. Road rash and embedded gravel! She says she's okay, but she's sore and covered in bandages (and she'll be more sore tomorrow, so if you see her at the book signing and she isn't moving her hand much, that's why).