May 25th, 2011

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TwisterPalooza Fic Writing Challenge -- poll

Poll #1745074 TwisterPalooza Fic Writing Challenge

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It turns out I don't remember how to do an LJ poll.  If this doesn't look right, I'm working on it; I couldn't figure out Blogger polling at all.

I believe we received four stories that are eligible for voting in the challenge: "She Stares Down the Storm", a Tin Man ficlet by randombattlecry ; "Let It Snow" and "Snow Day", Fullmetal Alchemist stories by evil_little_dog ; and "Rainstorms", an original fic set in Australia by Rosanne Dingli.  I keep thinking I missed one story, so if I did please let me know right away and I'll get it up; the poll will be open until June 3, at which time I'll publish my original short story in conjunction (or close to the conjunction!) with the release of Storm Chaser.

These are the stories submitted as part of the challenge that are not eligible for voting.
One is "Santa Pequena", a Fringe fic by strangexgirl :

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