May 24th, 2011

book cover humor

Storm Chaser Quiz, Clue #6

(I'm running way, WAY behind this week -- working to catch up as best I can.)

Well, this one's really easy -- an actual photo of Hurricane!


Here's the fun part: It's been available to you all along. On my website is a list of photos, some of me and most taken by me. Go down the list to photo number 12 ... and there it is, Hurricane, Indiana. Here's the link to the photo page on my site:


 No, no -- not those homes and farm buildings in the distance, that's a half mile away. Hurricane is right in front of you -- in fact, the photo was taken standing inf Hurricane's main intersection. That's the convenience store right in front of you. The Hamlin home is a few blocks ahead and to the left among a group of other houses, while Hurricane Books & Bait is next to where I was standing, to my right. Down the road and to the right is the woods where the town's kids sometimes play.

Use your imagination!  :-)


Any local residents who might be reading this have a good shot at guessing the location now; it's a fairly well traveled road. But, just in case: Next time I'll give you the actual address ... kind of.