May 17th, 2011

book cover humor

Storm Chaser Quiz, Clue #5

I accidentally posted this on my personal Facebook page instead of my fan page yesterday, so if you see it there twice (or more) ... the problem is that I write well because I do everything else badly.

Storm Chaser Quiz, Clue #5:

The little town of Hurricane, Indiana, is within visual distance of one of the biggest hog farms in Noble County. However, this is a trick clue, because during my research I discovered the official address of that business isn't the same as the farm complex I'm familiar with. In any case, don't worry -- if Hurricane really existed you could see it from the farm, but it's not close enough for that wonderful summer hog scent to be an issue!


Next time I'll give you a dead giveaway: An actual photo of Chance Hamlin's hometown, Hurricane, Indiana. How do you suppose I'll manage that?

book cover humor

TwisterPalooza continued

Yeah, I'm still doing that.

Way back at the beginning of April I announced a fiction writing challenge, to celebrate the release of Storm Chaser in June (and June is only a couple of week away!) I was sent a few great stories in addition to some that Emily and I wrote (and which obviously won't be eligible for voting). Here's the orginal post, as it appeared on my blogspot:

TwisterPalooza was supposed to be over at the end of April, but things got nuts, and now I'm extending the deadline for entries to one week from now -- which would be May 24. Shortly after that I'll post all the stories and have them up for voting, but until then it's not too late to write one of your own.

The idea is to write stories that in some way are impacted by the weather or some natural disaster: One of the main characters in Storm Chaser is a meteorologist and disaster photographer. Since there's no monetary award, the story could be fanfiction from any source, or original fiction. any length is acceptable, and my wonderful webmaster/fiancee, Emily, will make a banner for the winner. The fic can be posted anywhere, as long as the writer puts a working link, that doesn't require a login, in a comment to this post or the first one. The original rule was that the link had to go up on my LiveJournal post, but since some people had trouble getting on my LJ, I'll happily take it on blogspot, Dreamwidth, or anywhere else you see this.

TwisterPalooze will end with an original short story of my own that hasn't appeared anywhere else, and won't be in the Storm Chaser short story anthology that Whiskey Creek Press will be putting out.