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May 9th, 2011

Storm Chaser, Fringe, and Flooding

Storm Chaser edits are sent in, all done (until they send me the galleys to review). I still don't have an exact release date -- somewhere in June for the e-book, and some time not long after that for the print version. At least, I hope not long, since a lot of people want a hard copy. I'll still be busy for awhile: I have other writing projects to catch up on, and I have to go through the house and de-junk in advance of spring cleanup day, plus I'm working a couple of extra shifts this month.

As of Friday Emily's all done with school for the semester, which should give her a chance to catch up, too. Her grades are ... well, for the rest of us to be jealous of.  :-)  We celebrated by finally catching up with Fringe the last couple of days. Hello mind, meet blown. Would it not be possible to hand that show a cast-wide Emmy? 'Cause that was some incredible acting chops we've seen this season in every direction (You fans, you know what I mean), not to mention great storylines.

Meanwhile, the flood waters seem to be receding, if very slowly, in southeast Missouri (and getting worse elsewhere). The level of Lake Wappapello has dropped a few feet, and the people of Emily's hometown, Morehouse, are seeing a very little bit of improvement:


So -- what have I missed?

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