May 2nd, 2011

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Things are getting worse in southeast Missouri

Taking a moment from novel edits (and from celebrating the death of bin Laden -- and I don't normally celebrate anyone's death) to update you on the situation in and around the area where Emily's mom, dad, and friends live. Basically ... very bad. They had lots more rain in the area over the weekend. As of about an hour ago it was raining in Poplar Bluff, where parts of the city were flooding last week.

Lake Wappapello water now going over spillway, water level as of 11:30 CST 396.85 feet:

Rising St. Francis River could force evacuations:

I haven't heard anything specific about Morehouse, but I'm assuming water still covers the entire town. Poplar Bluff is the biggest city in the area -- here's their weather and community facebook page: