April 30th, 2011

Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser Quiz, clue #3: Famous highways

Storm Chaser Quiz, clue #3:


Okay, kiddies – break out your road maps.

Two famous highways go through Noble County. One is the Lincoln Highway, America’s first coast to coast road, which is also US 33 as it goes through Noble County. Dedicated in 1913, it inspired the modern American interstate system after a young soldier named Dwight D. Eisenhower traveled it in 1919:



The second is US Route 6, sister to the more famous Route 66 and also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway. As the second longest highway in the US, it runs from Massachusetts to California, and is mostly two lane:



Early in Storm Chaser, for reasons I won’t mention (spoilers!) Indiana State Trooper Chance Hamlin takes photographer Allie Craine for what he hopes will be a mundane, boring patrol of Noble County. They go north on US 33, take a brief detour to a place called Diamond Lake, then end up going east on US 6 to Kendallville. After that they head south on State Route 3 (once known as Lima Plank Road), before turning west on SR 8, which terminates in Albion.

But they don’t make a full loop. For reasons I also won’t mention (let’s just say “mundane” and “boring” will never describe their relationship), Chance must reluctantly take Allie to his home town. And here’s the clue that narrows down further where he takes her: During the day’s travel, the pair make a circuit all the way around Hurricane – which, it turns out, is only a mile from a famous highway.

We also know that Hurricane is protected by the Albion Fire Department, and sits at the intersection of two real county roads – so far no one has dared guess how the town got its name.