March 29th, 2011

Astrid and Walter

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I thought about getting a ticket to Charlie Sheen's stage show ... then I thought I'd save money by going down to the railroad crossing and waiting for a train wreck there, instead.
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Mark of the Stars one year blogoversary

My writer friend Jessica Subject is celebrating the anniversary of her blog with a month of guests posts and interviews, with authors and other people she's met while blogging. It starts on April 1st; I'm proud to say that my contribution is coming up on April 14, and will include a never-before-read excerpt from chapter 1 of Storm Chaser.

Well ... I've read it. But it hasn't been posted anywhere.

But wait -- there's more! There will be several giveaways during the Blogoversary, and one will be a chance to win a copy of Storm Chaser. Details will be up on the site. Here's a schedule and list of participants:

And here are some of the available prizes: