March 16th, 2011

book cover humor

Writer's Block: The long and winding road

Are there any difficult events in your past that made you a stronger person today? If you could go back and erase them, would you?

There are things in my life that I wish had never happened, but go back and erase them? No. We need those challenges to teach us lessons and make us strong. Life shouldn't be too easy for people, no matter how much we might think otherwise -- we don't learn or mature that way. I would be less of a person if I hadn't gone through difficult times.
Astrid and Walter

Do it for my prostate

As many of you know, I've been going through a long-term cancer scare for a couple of years now, thanks to unusually high PSA readings that can sometimes indicate prostate cancer. I remain officially undiagnosed, and get follow-up testing every few months as we wait for the Prostate Specific Antigen readings to go down -- or up.

However, I've been doing public information work for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life since before the prostate issue appeared. I was recruited by my coworker Ed Anderson, who heads up the Noble County edition of the Relay fundraiser and who, along with me, will shave his head if we raise $100,000 this year.

Whether you want to see me hiding my skull in a fedora or just want to help a good cause, please support my efforts by visiting my personal fundraising web page to make a donation.

This year, over 1.4 million Americans will hear the words ‘You have cancer’. I know too many people who are touched by the disease , and that's why I joined the American Cancer Society on a mission to save lives and create a world with more birthdays.

Also, if you'd like to learn more about Relay you can visit or if you’re interested in additional information regarding the American Cancer Society visit Together, we can make a difference!