March 15th, 2011

Headache Lorelei

Interview no-news and hectic week

Still no word on when my TV interview will be posted on the Indiana News Center website; I was told it was going to be when the website guy gets back from time off, which means maybe mid-week. It will eventually be here:

Just to throw me, one of the first videos now up starts with "Local man authors a book" -- but it's not this local man.

Despite saying it would happen, I'm ashamed of how very little I've been online recently. In addition to working on the Storm Chaser short stories, we had that day and a half of panic cleaning, followed by the interview, followed by collapsing from the stress of the panic cleaning and the interview. Then the entire weekend was dedicated to doing taxes, and on a related note I need to get better organized this year. With any luck, next year I'll owe taxes -- because that will mean I sold lots of books. (Hm ... and how do I handle sales tax for copies I sell myself?)

Any extra time was spent staring in horror at the news channels, thinking a whole lot of people in Japan had much worse weeks than I did.

All of this possibly explains why I'm now experiencing what seems to be my very first migraine. If this is "mild", I can understand why severe cases are incapacitating.

And what have I missed amongst all of you on the world wide web? Fill me in, and I'll reply back when I can look at the screen without pain.