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December 21st, 2010

Writer's Block: Welcome home

Do you prefer to live in a region with a temperate climate or four seasons, and why?

I couldn't say for sure. I suppose I'd miss the beauty of spring and early autumn, and with the exception of the hottest days I love Indiana summers ... but on the other hand, winter SUCKS. It just does.

Did I mention hating winter?
Appleworks? I've got Appleworks listed in my favorites??? Apple stopped supporting the Appleworks program years ago, but it's still my favorite word processing program. I've gotta get over this old man set in his ways thing.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, ozma914 sent to me...
Twelve heroes drumming
Eleven mythbusters piping
Ten books a-leaping
Nine movies dancing
Eight musicals a-milking
Seven bones a-firefighting
Six appleworks a-writing
Five no-o-o-ovel writers
Four fan fictions
Three gilmore girls
Two xander harris
...and a fanfic in a serenity.
Get your own Twelve Days:


Many happy returns!

I managed to go back and check a day's worth of my LiveJournal friend's list and a little Facebook, but that's about all I had time for after a busy weekend during which most of us were under the weather (literally and figuritively). It seems everyone's either sick or getting snowed on, or both -- but some people have still managed to get Christmas cards out, and thanks to all of you for that!

I think I'll have some news on the writing front within the next few days. Maybe good, maybe bad ... but even if it's bad it'll be good, in a way. You writers, you'll understand -- I'll let you know when it happens.  I've been keeping my mind off of it with preparations for Christmas and two birthdays.

Speaking of which, the most important news of the day:

Happy birthday, strangexgirl !!!!

Otherwise know, of course, as Emily -- my fiancee, love of my life, and webmaster. I hope you have a great day, and great year!  (And that you like your present.)

Writer's Block: It's a wonderful life!

What's your favorite holiday TV special or movie, and why?

*points to icon* A Charlie Brown Christmas, of course. Classics are classic.

I even wrote a column about it:


The days are getting longer again. Thank God. It'll be a rough winter, as usual, but at least the days are getting longer.


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