November 22nd, 2010

book cover humor

PotCorn and being gone

Anyone want to stop off at Best Buy and pick me up one of those $999 MacBooks over the holiday weekend?  Anyone? Bueller?


*sigh* Well, maybe it's for the best that I'll be unavailable all weekend, so it won't torture me so much. By the way, I'll be offline from Tuesday until probably next Tuesday, so don't let anything interesting happen while I'm gone. If someone buys me a MacBook, message me so I don't miss it.

I was eating popcorn left over from the new Harry Potter movie and suddenly came up with an idea for the next great drug: PotCorn (patent pending). Breath deep while it's popping (potting?) ... then, assuming you remember to turn off the stove or microwave, you'll be prepared for the munchies later. Brilliant, yes? I'm the Thomas Edison of dope!