November 15th, 2010

Stephanie Plum spider

Scary Monster Movie Stuff ... and Garages

I spent part of my weekend cleaning the garage, so I can get the car in there when cold weather hits. (That snowstorm to the northwest was a bit too close for comfort.) My garage was originally a horse stall -- there's a hay loft above, and someone named Fred Markey carved his name on a support post in 1879 -- so it wasn't designed for a car. You can get parked in there, but exiting the car afterward is problematical.

Anyway, while sweeping the place out I encountered the biggest spider I've seen since watching the movie "Tarantula" when I was a little kid. The spider in that movie was so big that it took Clint Eastwood (one of his first movie roles) piloting a fighter jet to finally put it down.

I tried to clobber him with the broom (the spider, not Clint), but it just grabbed the broom away and broke it in half. So I slammed the overhead door shut, ran to the hardware store, and filled my garage with so much poison that even Godzilla would develop a cough.

I should be able to park the car in there in five or six months, depending on EPA testing.