October 23rd, 2010


How I spent my Thursday night and Friday

Going to my insurance agent, getting estimates, and taking ibuprofen:

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Estimated repair cost: a little under $1,500. A college kid backed into us while we were driving by, in the parking garage at IPFW. Emily ended up with a scratch on her knee and I had a little bump on my arm -- but the pain later was way out of proportion to the impact. Mostly from tensing up, I suppose, but I could barely lift anything with my right arm until the next day, my back's killing me (thoracic area), and Emily's neck's hurting. And this with a low speed impact, although there was a bit of a twisting motion involved.

He hit us right on the right front tire, and both I and Tommy Leatherman (who I went to for the repair estimate) were shocked that there doesn't seem to be major damage to the wheel. The tire -- which is only a few months old -- left a huge amount of rubber transfer on the guy's dented bumper, and the hub cap is damaged, but for now it's driveable. I keep waiting for the tire to deflate ...

Could have been WAY worse -- imagine the same impact on a city street, at five times the speed.