October 18th, 2010

Doctor 10's phone

fanfic: Doctor Who and the Toddler of Terror

My good LiveJournal friend [personal profile] jaded_jamie introduced me to the wonder that is Doctor Who, and he's also a great guy who I felt he should be rewarded with one of the things he wants most: A chance to meet the Doctor and Jamie's favorite companion, Donna Noble. Also, I've missed writing fanfiction! So here's the Doctor's newest adversary ... who I believe many of you will recognize.

Title: Doctor Who and the Toddler of Terror
Author: Ozma914

Summary: The Doctor and Donna take on an ally in their fight against a tiny terror with a diabolic plan and a cute laser gun.

Rating: PG
Warnings: Extreme silliness, cartoon violence.
Length: 2,750 words
Disclaimer: The characters belong to who they belong to, and Jamie belongs to himself.

Characters: The 10th Doctor, Donna Noble, and a few surprises.

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