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October 5th, 2010

Writer's Block: Who's your daddy?

What famous person from history would you have liked to have as a parent, and why?

Hugh Hefner.

"Dad, can I come into work with you today?"

"Sure, son. Someday all this will be yours."


life update

We're still picking up the pieces from the weekend around here. It started out with cleaning carpets. Whose crazy invention was the carpet, anyway? Emily and I spent some time at the Kendallville Apple Festival, but stuffing 10,000 people into a fairgrounds designed for a thousand isn't my idea of a wonderful venue. (Honestly, I don't know how many people were there, but it's become the biggest Noble County event of the year.) Great cider and boneless chicken wings, and the flea market portion was fun -- it was just too darn cold for me.

Emily's been feeling under the weather, and now it seems to have blown up into what appears to be the flu. With mid-terms approaching, because we wouldn't want to make it easy, would we?

Meanwhile, my oldest daughter Charis ended up in the ER, and they think she might be having gall bladder problems. I watched the twins for three hours Monday while she had some tests done, and she was banned to her bedroom and couldn't pick up the kids for a day because she's -- get this -- radioactive.

Babysitting the twins is what has come closest to killing me, so far. Going up on the roof later this week, to patch the new leak, might be what finishes the job.

So that's my latest excuse for not being around much ... my next excuse might be that I have the flu myself, but I've been holding my breath whenever I'm in the house so my guess is I'll expire from lack of oxygen.

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