September 28th, 2010


Twitter come, Twitter go

Three days ago I announced that my MarkRHunter Twitter account hit 100 followers -- then I disappeared off the internet for three days. When I came back, my account had dropped to 95 followers. This is what I get for counting to 100 without first checking on spam accounts and other people who might not stick around.

On the other hand, last night I reached 1,000 tweets of my own. Let's see, that's 1,000 since I got started in early June. Um ... good?

Emily and I took a VIP tour while I was gone, kind of a dry run for the Tombstone Trail project that's coming up in October. The FB page for the trail, which is America's first regional cemetery tour, is here:!/pages/Kendallville-IN/Tombstone-Trail/152687274759891?ref=mf

And their website here:

I'll get some photos up when I get a chance. I also polished a Doctor Who fanfiction, did some more polishing on the new book, participated in annual firehose testing, and caught up a little on last year's (!) TV shows. And how have you been?