September 22nd, 2010

Weatherman Spike

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More heavy thunderstorms coming in -- looks like it could get nasty. That's what happens in Indiana, after a September day so nice that we got outside to mow the lawn and take a walk at Chain O' Lakes State Park.
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Noble County Saddle Club hosting inner city youths ...

The Media is welcome to come and see the Noble County Saddle Club hosting inner city youth fron the Upward Bound Organization of Fort Wayne, on Saturday, September 25th. The children will be orientated at various stations setup by 4-Hers and club members and taught how to care for horses and treated to a horseback ride. Many of these kids have never touched a horse.

The Noble County Saddle Club is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1945. We are a family oriented club with the objective of bringing together individuals and families that share a common interest in equine events and community. You don't need to own a horse to join the fun. We actively support many community orientated youth activities. and other events designed to benefit the Noble County area including the annual mock horseshows held at several local nursing homes, annual Christmas Caroling on horseback event which collects food and donations for the Central Noble Food Pantry. We also support the Noble County 4-H horse program and participate in many local parades. For additional information see our website at ,find us on Facebook, or contact Phyllis Heredeen at either 260-564-0315 0r 360-636-2748. Note the atached Noble County Saddle Club Pictures.

The Noble County Saddle Club is localed on State Road 8 on the east end of Albion across from the Noble County Sheriff's Office.

We want the public to know how much we believe in our youth as they represent our future. Any media exposure you can give this event and our non for profit organization would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Phyllis Heredeen, President
Albion Chamber of Commerce
Congress offended

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Good news: The recession is over! In fact, it's officially been over for about a year!

Yay. Bet ya' didn't know that, did ya?

Meanwhile, Congress is once again messing around by attaching riders to bills in which the riders have absolutely nothing to do with the original bills, something they do to gain political advantage, get unpopular/pork bills passed, or both.

It's time to throw the bums out.

That won't work just once: They're too entrenched in the idea that they're better than us, and that we work for them. We need to keep firing them, every election cycle, until they get the idea. Let them stand on the unemployment line for awhile. The economy's about to dip again, so the rest of us will need the jobs anyway.