August 17th, 2010

Veronica Mars types on a Mac

Agent hunt: Going off the grid

I stumbled across (I prefer the term research) an agent who I think would be perfect to represent the Young Adult mystery I've been working on -- and the best part is she's actively seeking new clients.

But the manuscript for "Red is For Ick" isn't completely done. (The title is a takeoff on all those adult mystery series with numbers/letters in them. I figured if it became a series the next one would be "Murder Makes me Blue" or "Dead Bodies Turn me Green". Or is the joke too obscure?)

Don't get me wrong: It's mostly done but needs a few changes, a final once over, and a bit of polishing. I have a good feeling about this agent, and I want to get my query letter and sample pages in early, but I'm too paranoid to risk getting a request for a manuscript that's not finished. So, I'm going to go somewhat off the grid for a week or two for intensive work on the manuscript.

I'm afraid I might not be able to check my friends lists much, let alone comment, but since I'll still be online from time to time feel free to e-mail me -- and let me know if I'm missing anything big!