August 14th, 2010

Congress offended

Harry Reid tried to end birthright citizenship for illegal aliens -- in 1993

Read with care: Judging from their content I assume all of these are conservative websites, although I've been able to confirm the facts through more mainstream sources.

Also, blogger advocates lying on Twitter:

and ... ACORN funding ban upheld by court:

Finally, President Obama announces that Islam has always been part of America:’s-ramadan-greeting-“islam-has-always-been-part-of-america”/
book cover humor

writers group

A man called my name as I walked by at the Kendallville Public Library Thursday, and I was surprised to find myself speaking with wildlife expert Neil Case, who had come for our writer's group meeting. Neil is a 79 year old bird expert, published in several magazines, who self-syndicates his column to 15 regional papers -- he's been doing it so long that he's got my 20 year old column beat by a long shot.

It was great to see him and his wife, Nora, before they took off in their RV ... they intend to be in Oregon by the time the group meets again in September.