July 19th, 2010

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My youngest, Jillian, is getting her tonsils out later today. It's an outpatient procedure these days, and although doctors prefer not to do it as often as they used to, it's still a pretty simple and well practiced procedure.

I'm doing a sterling job of pretending I'm not worried, if I do say so myself. Just the same, I'd appreciate all your prayers, thoughts, good vibes, and -- of course -- popsickles.
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I just realized that the tagline on my LiveJournal page still says "an unpaid professional writer". This despite the fact that I was getting paid by the newspaper when I started it, but it reflected my desire to sell fiction. Okay, now I've sold a novel, even though I haven't been paid anything yet, so clearly I need to change my journal subtitle.

But to what?
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