July 15th, 2010

book cover humor

this week's column: Hunter Family Rates Low in Nielson Experiment

Another birthday come and gone ... hope to celebrate next year with a book royalty check. :-)

Speaking of books, Emily gave me a beautifully bound edition of the complete works of Lewis Carroll, cooked a wonderful meal (pork chops, peas, corn on the cob), and even made a homemade ice cream cake with a fire truck on it. (Pictures to follow, of course.) Unfortunately, I came down with a bad case of indigestion (NOT the fault of her cooking) and got pretty sick, so I spent part of the day in bed ... just the same, she worked really hard to make it a perfect day, and I think I'll keep her. :->

As an experiment, rather than posting my column for this week I'm posting the link to my newspaper, the Albion New Era, which put it up on their website. I figure it's good practice for when I get my writer's website up and running, at which point I'd imagine the best and most efficient way of staying in touch would be to link my writing to it. Also, it will make me look very popular to my publisher.


Oh, and thanks for the virtual gifts, jaded_jamie and inkternal!