June 13th, 2010

book cover humor

Albion Firefighters Receive Operation Roundup Funds

I'm just reposting an article for the newspaper, about a grant our local REMC gave to the fire department. These rural electric associations are well known for helping out their communities, not to mention getting there quickly when we need them at emergencies. I wanted to give a shout-out to them and to Albion Firefighter Bob Brownell ... or as I like to call him, the Grant Writing Machine.

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book cover humor


Just two more shifts and I'm off for over three weeks of vacation! I could use it -- it's been a rough spring, although most of my stress lately has been non-work related.

Assuming I don't hear from the Whiskey Creek Press editor about rewrites, I may go for days at a time without even sitting down at a computer ... which will seem very, very odd.