June 6th, 2010

book cover humor

drive-by update

I've been without internet for much of the last few days, so for the second weekend in a row I've committed the sin of not being able to catch up on what my friends are doing -- please forgive me!  We changed ISP's and had trouble with our wireless router, but thanks to a gentleman in India we eventually got back online again.  I'm far behind and playing catch up -- have I missed anything big?

Writer's Block: Say cheese

Do you generally like or hate when people take photos of you? Do you feel anxious when friends post pictures of you online? Is your first inclination to link to them or hide them?

I don't mind when people take photos of me -- in fact, strangexgirl took several just yesterday, for a photo to use on my new twitter page, among other things. But I almost never like the results -- not because of the photographer but because I'm not a fan of my own looks.