June 2nd, 2010

book cover humor

Who's going to be a published novelist?

That's right:

  I'm going to be a published novelist!!!!

My novel, Storm Chaser, has been accepted by Whiskey Creek Press; I signed the contract and sent it in just yesterday. It'll be available later in e-book form, and also as hard copy.  Their website is here:

The submission editor sent me an e-mail right in the middle of that craptastic weekend that I described earlier, which helps explain why I had trouble wrapping my head around it.  Well, that and the fact that I've been writing fiction for well over three decades, so maybe I'm still in denial about finally selling it.  I'll detail the circumstances later, maybe in another column because, after all, I still have to pay bills with my non-fiction.

How long before you get a chance to see the finished product? Well, the publisher will be contacting me back in about 60-90 days after getting the signed contract, to begin the publishing process. I know enough about the industry to know there'll be requests for edits, final galleys to go through, cover artwork to choose (I don't get a choice in that kind of stuff), and then the real work begins.  I'd guestimate that the grunt work of publicizing and selling will start in the fall, and that's when I'll be asking everyone for their support to jump start my fiction writing career.

Storm Chaser is the story of a disaster photographer from California who comes to northern Indiana, convinced that the local drought will soon be broken by a severe storm. She encounters a police officer who hates photographers, and isn't very fond of Californians, either -- especially this one, who seems to be followed by disasters. Or is she causing them?

Okay, I'm still working on the blurb. I can't begin to thank everyone who's been so supportive of my writing efforts. Now, I'm off to Snoopy Dance ... then back to work selling the next novel.