May 25th, 2010

Anne - What do you think?

Emily and e-mail address change

We're back from Missouri with a load of Emily's belongings (and with Emily herself, of course!) She's feeling better, although still tired and with a not much fun cough. We took some time off yesterday afternoon to see "Iron Man 2", but have otherwise been pretty busy since getting home late Sunday night -- and will probably stay busy for some time. I'll try to make sure she gets some rest!

In unrelated news, I'm in the midst of changing my contact e-mail address from Verizon to my hotmail address, because I anticipate making a change in my ISP pretty soon. If it's still Ozma914 but says hotmail at the end, you've pretty much got the right guy; I'm thinking of keeping my new e-mail address (through mediacom, probably), strictly for writing queries and other professional contacts.

So, how did the weekend go? There's no way I can go back through all the posts and such -- did I miss anything?